Real Hope for Real People


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THe Blue Jean Church

Is a Place Where:

- Love & Acceptance are Experienced.
- Family is Strengthened & Celebrated.
- Great Contemporary Music is Heard.
- New Relationships are Built.
- You Come as You are, Even in Your Jeans.
- You can Experience God's Great Hope.

You are loved and invited!

In starting the Blue Jean Church, it was our desire to return the church to being the church that Jesus started …. A group of ordinary everyday people who were passionate about knowing the love of Jesus.  Like the original church, we wanted people to become a family that loved and accepted each other … even with our faults.  We also want to encourage one another to grow to become less as we are, to being more and more as Jesus is.  Our church is a come as you are church.  No bells and whistles here, No dress up here, no putting on a mask here.  I know that you are not perfect, but neither am I as your pastor. But together we can grow to knowing the great truths of the abundant life that God has for each of us.  Here at the Blue Jean Church, we will not compromise the truths of God to fit today’s secular cultural. We know that it is God’s truths that set us free!  The Blue Jean Church is “Real Hope for Real People”.  I look forward to having you visit!


Our Purpose is to point people to a loving and growing relationship with Jesus. We do this through three simple practices: Point Up, Point In, and Point Out.
(Matthew 22:37-39; Matthew 28:19-20)

Point Up – (Our Worship)

We Point Up by connecting our lives to Christ and through developing a daily lifestyle of worship.

Point In – (Our Growth)

We Point In by connecting deeper with Christ through the development of spiritual disciplines, ministry giftedness, and personal relationships with other believers.

Point Out – (Our Ministry)

We Point Out by connecting our lives in service to others through ministry and missions.

Jerry Wyman – Pastor

Pastor Jerry has been happily married to his lovely wife Susan for 45 years, and they have two adult children, Jill and Josh.  Jill is a Licensed Professional Counselor, married to Zach Crook, a Pastor in the Saint Louis, Missouri area.  They are parents to three of Jerry and Susan’s grandchildren Isaiah, Caleb and Avianna.  Josh is a Project Manager of a construction company in Dallas. He also is a Worship leader in his local church.  Josh is married to Samantha, a Social Services Program Manager. They are parents to Lily, Pastor Jerry and Susan’s forth grandchild.  Pastor Jerry has been serving in ministry for over 45 years.


Pastor Jerry believes that the key to the Christian life is best accomplished through living out of the overflow of one’s love for Jesus Christ.

Jerry & Susan Wyman